Medical Coding & Billing Training Course Noida Sector 15

According to AAPC – American Academy of Professional Coders – Medical Coding is designed to communicate uniform information about Medical services and procedures among physicians, coders, patients, accreditation organizations and Insurance companies for administrative, financial, and analytical purposes. Medical coder are critical contributors to the healthcare industry as they have to work with accuracy, compliance and proper documentation. Medical coding is a part of Revenue Cycle Management system.

CPC training Institute In Noida Sector 15

Medical Transcription & Billing Training Course In Noida Sector 15

Every Healthcare provider needs coded documentation and records & Medical Coders are the individuals who are responsible for converting that physician’s healthcare records into accurate CPT and ICD code. These Certified professional coders work under variety of settings like inpatient, out-patient, emergency department, physician office. Once patient get treated by a healthcare provider, the insurance company needs proper details of services given to patient to process their claims. Every Insurance company demands these Medical Codes to be billed on claim form to get claim paid to provider. There is no particular eligibility criteria to become a medical coder but to be a life science graduate is a advantage for Coder.

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